Conference Room B seats a maximum of 330 guests and offers a 30m2 theatre stage including a CORPUS statue



Beamer, screen, lectern and wireless handheld are always available



A cabaret shape set-up is possible for a maximum of 120 guests. CORPUS offers comfortable conference chairs and 30 tables with optional modesty panels suitable for meetings.

The Conference room is also suited well for debate sessions  with opposite seating and good viewing angles onto the central screen 



The Conference room is spacious enough to create alternative settings. This creates possibilities to seat 150 guests during workshops. Because of the high partitions we are also able to create different 'rooms'.



CORPUS also offers you the possibility to organise diners. In Conference Room A 350 people can participate in a sit down dinner and in the case of a walking dinner 500 people will be able to participate.



Behind Conference Room (B) are four breakout rooms. Each breakout room is 60m2 and offers seating to 42 guests in a cabaret shape. Two connected breakout rooms can result in a theatre shape for 91 guests. Three connected breakout rooms can seat a maximum of 135 guests. Four connected breakoutrooms seat a maximum of 208 guests.



Audiovisual equipment such as beamers, screens and audio-sets can be rented. A stage in the breakout rooms isn't usually present, but can also be rented. When breakout rooms 2 and 3 are connected, a screen and beamer will be present in the room. In this case breakout room 1 and 4 can seat 35-42 guests in a theatre shape.

In the picture we show a connected breakout room with rented furniture. This could be a good choice for workshops.



Our breakout rooms can be used for different set-ups like a school shape. Non standard facilities can also be rented via CORPUS Congress Centre.



The  Lounge is a pre-function area which is suitable for reception, registration as well as catering. The bar tables in the picture are standard funiture of CORPUS and are used by the caterer. Of course it is also possible to rent different furniture.



The Lounge is suitable for catering. A sit down dinner may consist of a maximum of 276 guests. A walking dinner may consist of a maximum of 350 guests. Depending on the amount of guests different set-ups are possible.




Two portable trees and an artwork are present in the lounge and they can be used to reduce the space if necessary.



This part of the Lounge features a bar and sun terrace. The furniture on the left photo is standard and owned by CORPUS. The furniture on the right photo is rented.

Both pictures were taken from the same place in the Lounge, but have different ambiances.



The spacious Lounge offers the possibility of organising a (company) party. The furniture on the photos can be provided by CORPUS at additional cost.



The sunny terrace is adjacent to the Lounge in order to let your guests enjoy some fresh air. The furniture on the right picture is standard. The furniture on the left picture can be provided by CORPUS at additional cost.



The penthouse is situated on the 8th floor, the top floor of CORPUS. This bright space shows spectacular views of the Dutch coastline.



As you can tell from the pictures, three different set-up possibilities in the penthouse; meeting, drinks or sit-down dinner.



Are you organising an event consisting of big decor or other materials that won't fit through normal doors? CORPUS Congress Centre has a roof hatch which is big enough to hoist cars through.